Client: Comunitat d’Usuàries d’Aigua del Baix Ter

Client: El Centre

Role: Brand designer, graphic designer, web designer

Deliverables: UX, UI, basic stationery

Sector: Territory

Year: 2017

The Comunitat d’Usuàries d’Aigua del Baix Ter (CUABT), a central water board for 40 municipalities, asked me for a platform to centralize their communications and management with users and partners. They knew that this needed improvement, and that the new site had to be fun and attractive. The challenge was not so much to improve user experience, but to make it easier for the company to convey information.

The design picked up on a previous project, which had studied the board’s current strategies and offered recommendations for the best channels and formats to deliver the material and interact effectively with users. Subsequently, the graphic solution was translated into a consistent image and a simple and functional website, with a public and a private area to communicate all the news and information needed.

CUABT 03 Etervisual

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17131 Rupià, Girona, Spain